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Clean notes from
scrambled thoughts.

Messy mind? Just hit record, spell it all out, and we'll turn all that into a well structured note.

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Want to make your own?Duplicate this Agentand tweak the prompts as needed.

"forgot how to type after using this app for a week. might never type anything anymore"

Filip Kozera

Filip Kozera


"my girlfriend says I talk more to the phone than to her"

Kamil Ruczynski

Kamil Ruczynski


"people look at me weird when I talk to my phone in the elevator, but I just cannot stop myself"

Robert Chandler

Robert Chandler


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Project write-up

Transform scattered thoughts into coherent project plans. Speak your ideas, we'll structure them.


Unleash your creativity without boundaries. Record your brainstorm, we'll organize the chaos.


Dictate emails on-the-go. We'll polish your words into professional correspondence.

Personal message

Pour your heart out verbally. We'll craft it into a thoughtful, articulate message.


Speak your day's experiences. We'll transform them into reflective journal entries.

Task planning

Voice your to-dos as they come. We'll organize them into an actionable task list.


Focus on the conversation. We'll turn your recording into structured interview notes.

Social media post

Share your thoughts aloud. We'll shape them into engaging social media content.

Idea generation

Let your ideas flow freely. We'll capture and organize your creative sparks.

This is a WordApp - Wordware application

Word... what?


It’s a tool (an IDE) that enables you to quickly build custom AI agents for specific use cases like legal contract generation, marketing content automation, invoice analysis, candidate screening, generating PRDs, and many more. We call applications built on Wordware ‘WordApps’ because you can create them using natural language—in other words, using words (pun intended).


Most of our clients are cross-functional teams, including less technical members, who need to collaborate with engineers on LLM applications, such as assessing prompt outputs, and care about the speed of iterations.


Often, the domain expert—not the engineer—knows what good LLM output looks like. For example, lawyers building legal SaaS need to be deeply involved in the process, and working directly in the codebase or going back-and-forth with engineers isn’t the way to go.

I'm technical

Then you’ll appreciate the speed of building complex AI agents without messy LLM abstractions, as well as our advanced capabilities like loops, conditional logic (IF-Else), structured generation (JSON mode), and custom code execution, allowing you to connect to virtually any API.

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